Pathway to Peace
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Pathway to Peace

building a “Pathway to Peace”

Website frequently asked questions

What is the brick made of?

  • These bricks are made of the highest grade clay, and are manufactured to last for generations.

How long will the inscription last?

  • Each message is custom laser engraved. The engraving process creates a permanent, hardened glass mark, which will not fade over time, and is not affected by weather.

What is the warranty?

  • All engraved bricks have a lifetime guarantee, and will not chip, fade, or peel. Our engraver will replace any brick that fails.

Can I choose the font of the message, or the color of the brick?

  • To ensure the path conveys a timeless and peaceful setting, we have chosen a brick color and font that blends with the surroundings. For a consistent and easy to read format, all messages will be printed in “ALL CAPS”.

What is included with my purchase?

  • Your purchase includes your choice of a personalized message, shipping, and installation on the Pathway to Peace walkway, located on the Marriottsville campus.

How much does a brick cost?

  • Bricks are available in 2 sizes:
    • An 4”x8” brick costs $100.
      • 3 lines of text are available, 20 spaces per line.
      • All spaces, punctuation, and letters and numbers count.
    • An 8” x 8” brick is also available, for $200.
      • 6 lines of text are available, 20 spaces per line.
      • All spaces, punctuation, and letters and numbers count.

Can I write anything on my brick?

  • All messages are subject to review. In the unlikely event your message is not considered appropriate, you will be contacted to either revise the message, or have your donation refunded.
  • Please, no websites, email addresses, phone numbers, political messages.

How can I add a logo or clipart to my brick?

  • We are not offering an option to add a logo or clipart. Only text is permitted.

I just placed my order. When can I expect to see my brick on the path?

  • Every brick is custom made after you place your order. Typically, you can expect to have your brick installed within 3-4 weeks of placing your order.

I just placed my order, and want to change my message. How do I change it?

  • Once your order is placed, it cannot be changed, edited, or cancelled. Please review your order for proper spelling and punctuation. It will print exactly as shown on your confirmation email.

How many bricks can I buy?

  • You are welcome to buy as many bricks as you like. Feel free to use the same message, or create a new message with every brick. Please note that you will need to enter separate orders if you choose different messages on multiple bricks.

How can I pay for my donation?

  • Credit cards are welcome. We use a secure, encrypted process to keep your information safe.
  • You can also pay by check – just follow the appropriate link. Please be aware that your order will not be processed until payment has been received. You will receive notification once payment is received.

Can I specify where I want my brick placed along the path?

  • Brick placement is not an option. We will place the bricks according to the order in which they are received.

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